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Why all the Questions?


Clients often ask me why I need to ask SO many questions before I start their skin treatment. It’s nice to jump on the bed and get straight into the treatment, BUT:

In a salon situation these questions are imperative. It shows that the operator cares about their client and the service they provide. Then you can be sure that a personal treatment which addresses all of your needs and concerns, as well as a unique after care program, will be provided.

A client recently came to me and complained that she had booked in at a salon to have some electrolysis done. She had never been to that salon before. At the time of booking only her name and phone number was taken. When she arrived for her treatment she was not asked any further questions and just politely ushered into the treatment room. The only questions she was asked whilst lying on the bed was whether or not she had had electrolysis before and when she replied ‘yes’ the operator got straight into the treatment. It would have been best for the operator to ask and record some basic but important information before proceeding with the treatment.

I feel that the following questions should be asked before any salon treatment:

  • Are you pregnant? Breastfeeding? (some products/treatments must not be used/performed)
  • Are you Diabetic? (more susceptible to infections)
  • Are you currently on any medication? e.g, Vitamin A, Retinol, Roaccutane (cannot have any waxing), antibiotics, the pill (these can cause photo-sensitivity)
  • Any history of illness or chemotherapy/radiation treatments. (low immunity, poor healing)
  • A history of heart disease, pacemakers, metal implants (especially if machinery is being used in the treatment)
  • Open skin lesions (risk of infection)
  • Active cold sores (treatment should be avoided until it has cleared)
  • Allergies to anything at all e.g sunscreen, alcohol, animals, fragrance, elastoplast, food, pollens, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)
  • What the client is hoping to gain from the treatment e.g extractions, firm massage, relaxation
  • If the client has any major concerns that they would specifically like addressed e.g hair removal, skin breakouts, pigmentation, sensitivity, aging, wrinkles, sun damage etc.
  • Which products they are currently using? (could interfere with treatment performed)
  • When they last exfoliated or had any microdermabrasion, resurfacing treatments
  • Have they had any botox or injectables in the last 2 weeks (if so, facials should not be performed)
  • Contact details, next of kin, emergency contact

It is very important to also discuss with the client what they can expect before, during and after the treatment.

If you attend a professional salon, similar questions will be asked. So please understand that our interest is in your interest.

Basic Consultation form

Basic Consultation form

Example of a waxing consultation.

Example of a waxing consultation.